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Dear Brothers, Why Do You Fight ?

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We are all blood, water and light 

The same fabric, particles alike 

Brothers, there’s no need to be right

Life’s gift is in nature 

To be cherished for sure 

Hurt, pains and blood 

Imagine the flower buds 

Pure, beautiful, soft 

An inspiration it must 

Colors, shades varies 

Forms and shapes carries 

Intricate differences 

Without jealousy or preferences 

Brothers see and understand 

Do not take a stand 

For egos, ideas, withstand 

The pressure 

To be sure 

To be right 

Instead be bright 

Shine lights 

Enlighten the night 

Darkness must be fought 

Together, we can be taught 

Change and transform 

The world conforms 

With no questions asked 

Is it such a huge task 

How possible would it be to ask 

To remove the mask 

Retrieve and believe 

In knowledge we can achieve 

Balance, realization 

Of our total unison 

One voice, one human race 

All in, familiar faces 

Would you wake up 

For a good cleanup 

The reason simple 

Your energy 

Is my synergy 

Our interaction 

Is an essential action

Necessary for the chemistry 

Forming, involving our destiny 

Towards a better world

A place where hurled 

Are things of the past 

Moving forward at last ..

Pat Leclerc


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What are we looking for in a leader ?

Strength, wisdom, charisma 

Truth, to make us cheerful

Intelligence, guidance, no enigma

Humbled, to be powerful 

Lifting souls, with a sense of wonder  

The kind of characteristics

Keeping amen, within the critics 

Not bossy, a dignified commander 

Someone looking up at the ladder 

With good intentions 

No moral aggressions 

Sturdy, yet soft and adaptable  

Kind and really knowledgeable

Respectful of genders 

Transparency renders   

Would be more, than acceptable 


Not dividing  

In this twenty-first century 

Peace given for glory 

Love, acceptance, not hate 

Pass through the gate 

Encouragement for individuality 

Hands in hands, total unity 

Problematic, symptomatic 

For the searching egocentric 

There is power in wisdom 

In chanting our anthems

While smiling at the neighbors 

Appreciating many facets and colors 

Transgressing not oppressing 

Our minds to its fullest 

Laughing, enjoying, the praise of the sun 

Admiring their awareness, should be fun 

Listen with your hearts 

Let’s play our parts 

This utopia, the garden 

The rivers flow, to Eden 

Together, we live, apply the dream 

Swim, breath against the stream 

Elevated by knowledge 

Helped by kindness 

Walking away from the ledge 

To the center of humanity 

Reaching our own purity 

Free of darkness contaminants 

At last.. sunshine’s on all continents 

Pat Leclerc

Con Legion  Contagion

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Infectious, highly mysterious 

Or fear, mostly, symptomatic 

Of a society required of critics 

It’s deep questions 



Our undivided attentions 

Let’s take this seriously 

Protect your health, importantly 

Your good, clean, conscience  

Trust in the knowledge of science 

Respect in the vague evidences 

Have no regrets

Save and protect 

This unique, beautiful planet 

By taking a moral stand

Maybe, we don’t understand

Fear, divide and conquer 

The road map, trace for our future 

Awareness is described

Involvement is prescribed 

For our sake

By our faith 

Don’t fear in humanity 

Hope in the kind quality

Of our, aim, purity 

It’s certainly, deeply true 

We do, have a clue 

Every lost soul 

Is, for the heart, armful 

For, all the inflicted, families 

Our past, our destiny 





But above all, the will 

To stay alive 

To evolve is our deepest skill 

We always adapt and thrive 

In the rise of challenges

Even above

The worst climatic changes

I trust and recognize 

Our intelligence, will mobilize 

Into a bright future 

Where the basic intents, will be pure 

Rise, stay awake and protected 

Our survival is imbedded 

In the kindhearted of the stars


In the kindness of the human heart.. 

Pat Leclerc


Les rêves du passé

Désirent créer

Besoin inné

D’illusions brisée

Rêves d’une vie 

Remplis d’objets inédits

Inutile, juste, maybe 

Cœur vide, oublie 

L’importance d’aimer

 La seule vérité 

Pour tout combler 

Cervelle, inhabitée

Pour toi, comme pour moi

La tendresse, la loi 

Seulement, donne droit 

A qui veut être roi

 D’un domaine inédit 

Certainement interdit 

Au simples d’esprit 

Si simple maudit

Pourquoi pas moi 

Si ils me laissent froid 

I might loose ma foi

Je pense y avoir droit

Désir d’un futur

Autre que ma nature 

Laisse-moi être mature 

Protège-moi for sûr

Mon futur incertain 

Pourtant pas si lointain 

Ne désirant rien de moins

Qu’un amour certain

Rêver d’aimer 

Pire parfois rêver 

D’être aimé

Peut parfois diminuer

Le besoin interdit 

Par l’hypocrisie 

De dire merci 

Pourquoi inédit

Les rêves du passés

N’aiment que présenter 

Un instant sans insister 

Sur un futur filtré

Ne soyons pas bambins

L’avenir lointain 

Trop souvent plein 

De moments anodins

Vous voulez être purs

Oubliez la culture 

Retournez à la nature 

On sera tous matures

 Personne n’aura moins

L’avarice sera loin 

J’aimerais faire le point 

L’humanité sera en plein

La paix pour tous 

L’abondance surtout 

L’amour avant tout 

Pour l’avenir de nous 

Pat Leclerc

Relax, Read, Breathe

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Relax, Read, Breathe

There is the need, within me 

To write, to tell you, about He 

Beautiful, majestic, humble

Strong, powerful, I stumble

In His wake, I am left in awe 

By his faithfulness, ah 

Deliverance, comfort 

In satisfying the urge 

To share, with you, my soul

The world needs more love 

More, forgiveness 

More, politeness 

Maybe we could just for a instant 

Go back imagining our infants

Sparkling minds awaken to beauty 

Unaware of our folly 

Innocent, pure, with the only goal 

To discover, take a new look 

Reopen the magical book 

Of colors, smells and wonders 

Of persistence in all mothers 

His creation dreamed 

In perpetuation of streams 

Soft rivers of lights  

Majestical swimming universe

Like words in a poetic verse 

Touching, curing, the one’s, crying 

Enveloping, caressing the observing 

Can I tell you, what’s inside of me 

The secret, behooved to me 

He loves you, She lives, in you 

Listen as you read 

Breathe as He pleads 

Slow down, find calm 

Place your hands, in His palm 

Rest, admire the simplicity 

Of all this beauty 

Enjoy and applaud 

Remember to look beyond 

To say thank you 

Simply, appreciate the sun 

Laugh in the rain 

Transform your reality 

To match His glory 

Don’t take life for granted 



This amazing.. magical journey 

Pat Leclerc


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Greatness, I speak

Inspired indeed 

From above 

Only of love 

What is the question 

Where is our attention

Could we be unaware

Of the reasons 

Really needing 

Us, All to look,


Don’t let it be representative

Of a society 

Nobody, seems to worry 

Of what we could be 

In a world,

A place, where we would be 

More intelligent 

Maybe more diligent

Where everyone could be 

More accomplished, happy 

Our animal instinct 

The basics restrained 

Of our humanity 

Perhaps bestial 

Most times impartial 

To a way 

Indeed we may 

Or will we 

Will you, and me 

Carry society 

Into a new world  

Where peace 

Love, ease 

The suffering 

Of every being 

Animal and primal 

Feelings are present 

In every living, intent 

For their ailing 

Should be applied, inspiring 

To those vital 

Healers and lovers 

What is the question

Our attention 

The answer 

In our prayers 

Affection, respect 

Let’s all protect 

Each other 

Ask without regrets

Help, mostly, love ..

.. And live of the above 

Pat Leclerc


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Destiny, planned or arranged

Life as it is, managed

Seems to be 

Illusions and passions 

Material and delusion

Perhaps to me 

Energy condense 

In a cosmic dance

Forming, interacting 

Images, sounds, acting 

Smells and intuitions 

There is no partitions 

What touches you 

Involves them 

Do we really know, who 

Is at the helm 

Is it me 

Or Is it He 

Perhaps you 

Really control me 

Galaxies, true 

We have no clue 

Who as the key 

For you and for me 

Bring your mind 

Today, now, be fine 

Tomorrow, how do we know 

Constellations colors 

Far nebulae, luminous 


Live in glorious


Softly like flowers 

Just be 

Beautiful, peaceful 

Let the wind carry 

Your satisfying journey 

Contentment, joy 

And fulfillment 

Past and future 

All meeting, melting 


Our life 

Our destiny 


His immense 

Power and Glory 

So simple you see 

Yet, unraveling to most 

Of us human being 

There is beauty 

In this simplicity 

Let go and let God 

Love Him

Praise Him 

Sit back, enjoy and applaud   

Pat Leclerc

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Love, thank you !

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