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Poems of Love, Peace and Hope for a brighter future serving the whole of humanity.

Disc “Over” Me

Discover, who You want me to be  Who do you want, to see ? Images of hero’s  Deeper than marrow Hurting the soul Frustrated by this role Of the magnificent giants  Made up by false suppliant  Augmented  Marketed By the media  Fed by acedia  Wouldn’t it be easier  To love by touching, softer  The hearts … Continue Reading →

Life “Fruit-Utility” 

I’ve always been aware of joy Even since I was a boy  But what I discovered recently  Is how evil the world can be Absurd, abnormality In the name of money  Systems of corruption  Over earthly obsessions  The path of discernment  Abused without consent  Life, beauty and rare moments  Shadowed by glimmers and bad intent … Continue Reading →

Tooth in Sincerity

What is the truth ? The truth is in your roots In a life happening at this moment  Conceived of small segments  Flashes of lights  Appreciating nature’s right  Renewing your sense of wonder  Looking forward to ponder  What’s the truth  Do you really need proof  Or would you prefer  Living life, like it matters  Tomorrow’s… Continue Reading →


Victory has to be  Over our minds and it’s limitless capability Controlling our thoughts  Reality without doubting or casting lots  But by visions  Created in elaborate constructions  Of concentrated energy   In matter weighted carefully  Manipulated  Articulated  There is a space  A  resilience A world in silence  Above science  Where intuition  Satisfy our ambition  There… Continue Reading →

Imagine Compass Ion

Imagine a world where loving  Is seen as a weakness Imagine being tired of fighting  Your hearts filled with kindness  Open up to the possibilities  Step out of normalities  Where hate and prejudice  Are no longer free in justice  Imagine a world where saying please  Is seen as a disease  Your hearts, aching for peace … Continue Reading →

Dreamed Reality

 If I offered you peace  Would you receive it with ease  Carry on, in the face  Of all our disgrace  If I offered you Love  Could you embrace it If it came from above  Support it, elevate it to mountain top  Scream it, everywhere in every clock If I offered you faith, for free  Would… Continue Reading →

Dear Brothers, Why Do You Fight ?

Brothers, We are all blood, water and light The same fabric, particles alike  Brothers, there’s no need to be right Life’s gift is in nature  To be cherished for sure  Hurt, pains and blood  Imagine the flower buds  Pure, beautiful, soft  An inspiration it must  Colors, shades varies  Forms and shapes carries  Intricate differences  Without… Continue Reading →

Magna Carta

Magna Carta  Magna Carta my love  Freedom inspired from above  Equality, the end of tyranny  The beginning of free justice  The end of prejudice  Our history will talk  One day of our glory  Our win over narcissism  Our lust over egocentrism  The story being rendered  The beauty made us wonder  The human story  In all… Continue Reading →

Are You Reading, Listening ?

Are you all listening to me  Or will this simply be pure fantasy  My mind set  My heart, hit reset  I want to share with you  Je me sens un peu fou  The story goes their way  Treachery for treasury  Fallen of humanity  There is emptiness after the runway  Discussion for the needed, precaution  One… Continue Reading →

Rivers of hope

Rivers flow Never follow  Soft, rough Shallow  Even tough  Overflow  Do You know  Where the river goes  Deepest thoughts Drift away  We ought To show  Softness  Roughness  Strong current Coming our way Humanity might be  On life’s preserver  Divisions and hate  Is not for me  Heal with a gentle blow  Ripples like vibrations Shimmers intuitions … Continue Reading →


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