My name is Patrick (Pat) Leclerc, and until recently I had never shared any of my poems! I believe my poetry comes from genuine channeling of messages from a higher place of being. It was never my intention to share these poems which I have been writing for over ten years, yet something changed, and I am now sharing with you. 

I had a car accident, which caused me severe injuries. The constant fear and exhaustion I experienced throughout this period caused me to not care anymore. The anxiety, fear of judgement and ridicule seemed to pale next to this experience, and so without thinking of the results, I shared six of my poems online.

The response is overwhelming and the feedback on my poetry has been wonderful. This reaction has reinforced the importance of sharing the received messages from channeling through my poetry. I am now convinced of their necessity to be shared with the whole world; for those experiencing the global crisis, my poems are here for you.


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