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Destiny, planned or arranged 

Life as it is, managed 

Seems to be 

Illusions and passions 

Material and delusion 

Perhaps to me 

Energies condense 

In a cosmic dance

Forming, interacting 

Images, sounds, acting 

Smells and intuitions 

There are no partitions 

What touches you 

Involves them 

Do we really know, who 

Is at the helm 

Is it me 

Or Is it He 

Perhaps you 

Really control me 

Galaxies, true 

We have no clue 

Who as the key 

For you and for me 

Bring your mind 

Today, now, be fine 

Tomorrow, how do we know 

Constellations colors 

Far nebulae, luminous 


Live in glorious


Softly like flowers 

Just be 

Beautiful, peaceful 

Let the wind carry 

Your satisfying journey 

Contentment, joy 

And fulfillment 

Past and future 

All meeting, melting 


Our life

Our destiny 


His immense 

Power and Glory 

So simple you see 

Yet, unraveling to most 

Of us human being 

There is beauty 

In this simplicity 

Let go and let God 

Love Him

Praise Him 

Sit back, enjoy and applaud 

Pat Leclerc

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