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Greatness, I speak

Inspired indeed 

From above 

Only of love 

What is the question 

Where is our attention

Could we be unaware

Of the reasons 

Really needing 

Us, All to look, interrogative 

Don’t let it be representative

Of a society 

Nobody, seems to worry 

Of what we could be 

In a world, 

A place, where we would be 

More intelligent 

Maybe more diligent

Where everyone could be 

More accomplished, happy 

Our animal instinct 

The basics restrained 

Of our humanity 

Perhaps bestial 

Most times impartial 

To a way 

Indeed we may 

Or will we 

Will you, and me 

Carry society 

Into a new world  

Where peace 

Love, ease 

The suffering 

Of every being 

Animal and primal 

Feelings are present 

In every living, intent 

For their ailing 

Should be applied, inspiring 

To those vital 

Healers and lovers 

What is the question

Our attention 

The answer 

In our prayers 

Affection, respect 

Let’s all protect 

Each other

Ask without regrets

Help, mostly, love ..

.. And live of the above


Pat Leclerc

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