Life “Fruit-Utility”

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I was always aware of joy 

Even since I was a boy 

But what I discovered recently 

Is how evil we can be 

Absurd abnormality 

In the name of money 

Systems of corruption 

Over earthly obsessions 

The path of discernment 

Abused without consent 

Life beauty and rare moments 

Shadowed by glimmers and bad intent 

I thought myself aware 

But really naive and unaware 

Of the appeal of shinny gold 

In the heart of humans, getting old 

Patterns of redemption 

Requiring our attention 



In the mind altercation 

Pure fantasy of alienation 

I am now observing 

My fellows insisting 

On the wrong behaviors 

Of their primal ancestors 

Our consciousness 

Our uniqueness 

Our inter connectivity 

Requiring positive energy 

To fulfill our ultimate destiny 



Beings of light

Stars so bright 

Capable of absurdity 

Beyond love ability 

To heal 

To kneel 



Embrace our common unity 

Assuring our survival 

Is now my most precious 

Message of hope for the curious 



Journey toward peace 

Intergalactic consciousness at least 

The beginning 

Of our loving nature as human, precious, being 

Joining hands 

Forward, to a better end

Fully aware of the rapture 

And His final disclosure ..

Pat LecLerc

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