Unity in “Demo-Crazy”

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Unity in “demo-crazy” 

What is democracy ?

A treasure to be cherished 

A conquest not to let perish 

A place, we all live in harmony 

The end of divisions, primarily 

A proud unified country 

Where, We the people 

Decide and elect without hurdles 

We rule over the land 

Proudly, command 

Realizing the dream 

Our patriarchy laid at our feet 

Dictated and erected 

Planned and prayed 

Justice for all 

Representation without walls 

Protecting dignity 

A immense sense of glory 

Forming the most beautiful 

Nation, people 



Land of plenty

Defender of human rights 

Righteousness, where it might 

Prevail, restore 

The honor bestowed 

The epiphany behold 

Our founding fathers 

Their intention rather 

Pure, inclusive 

Of a conclusive 

Conscious, meticulous constitution  

To form a territory, without delusion 

A birth right 

A voice, a gift 

Not to be discarded 

On illusions 

A dignified nation 

Nothing strong could be envisioned 

With a fight or by division 

Instead a promise

The heart of conquest 

Forgiving, inviting 

Honest and wise 

No fools in disguise 

Govern by the whole 

Population to the poll  



This living dream 

This chance, this opportunity 

Humanity in all, His glory 

Please regain your senses 

Help me accept, protect 

This gift we all share and must respect 

Pat Leclerc

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