Con Legion Contagion


Infectious, highly mysterious 

Or fear, mostly, symptomatic 

Of a society required of critics 

It’s deep questions 



Our undivided attentions 

Let’s take this seriously 

Protect your health, importantly 

Your good, clean, conscience  

Trust in the knowledge of science 

Respect in the vague evidences 

Have no regrets

Save and protect 

This unique, beautiful planet 

By taking a moral stand

Maybe, we don’t understand

Fear, divide and conquer 

The road map, trace for our future 

Awareness is described 

Involvement is prescribed

For our sake

By our faith 

Don’t fear in humanity 

Hope in the kind quality,

Of our, aim, purity 

It’s certainly, deeply true 

We do, have a clue 

Every lost soul 

Is, for the heart, armful 

For, all the inflicted, families 

Our past, our destiny 





But above all, the will 

To stay alive 

To evolve is our deepest skill 

We always adapt and thrive 

In the rise of challenges

Even above, 

The worst climatic changes

I trust and recognize 

Our intelligence, will mobilize 

Into a bright future 

Where the basic intents, will be pure 

Rise, stay awake and protected 

Our survival is imbedded 

In the kindhearted of the stars, 


In the kindness of the human heart.. 

Pat Leclerc



What are we looking for in a leader ?
Strength, wisdom, charisma
Truth, to make us cheerful
Intelligence, guidance, no enigma
Humbled, to be powerful
Lifting souls, with a sense of wonder
The kind of characteristics
Keeping amen, within the critics
Not bossy, a dignified commander
Someone looking up at the ladder
With good intentions
No moral aggressions
Sturdy, yet soft and adaptable
Kind and really knowledgeable
Respectful of genders
Transparency renders
Would be more, than acceptable
Not dividing
In this twenty-first century
Peace given for glory
Love, acceptance, not hate
Pass through the gate
Encouragement for individuality
Hands in hands, total unity
Problematic, symptomatic
For the searching egocentric
There is power in wisdom
In chanting our anthems
While smiling at the neighbors
Appreciating many facets and colors
Transgressing not oppressing
Our minds to its fullest
Laughing, enjoying, the praise of the sun
Admiring their awareness, should be fun
Listen with your hearts
Let’s play our parts
This utopia, the garden
The rivers flow, to Eden
Together, we live, apply the dream
Swim, breath against the stream
Elevated by knowledge
Helped by kindness
Walking away from the ledge
To the center of humanity
Reaching our own purity
Free of darkness contaminants
At last.. sunshine’s on all continents

Pat Leclerc



Dear brothers, why do we fight
We are all blood, water and light
The same fabric, particles alike
Brothers, there’s no need to be right
Life’s gift is in nature
To be cherished for sure
Hurt, pains and blood
Imagine the flower buds
Pure, beautiful, soft
An inspiration it must
Colors, shades varies
Forms and shapes carries
Intricate differences
Without jealousy or preferences
Brothers see and understand
Do not take a stand
For egos, ideas, withstand
The pressure
To be sure
To be right
Instead be bright
Shine lights
Enlighten the night
Darkness must be fought
Together, we can be taught
Change and transform
The world conforms
With no questions asked
Is it such a huge task
How possible would it be to ask
To remove the mask
Retrieve and believe
In knowledge we can achieve
Balance, realization
Of our total unison
One voice, one human race
All in, familiar faces
Would you wake up
For a good cleanup
The reason simple
Your energy
Is my synergy
Our interaction
Is an essential action
Necessary for the chemistry
Forming, involving our destiny
Towards a better world
A place where hurled
Are things of the past
Moving forward at last ..

Pat Leclerc

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