Dear brothers, why do we fight
We are all blood, water and light
The same fabric, particles alike
Brothers, there’s no need to be right
Life’s gift is in nature
To be cherished for sure
Hurt, pains and blood
Imagine the flower buds
Pure, beautiful, soft
An inspiration it must
Colors, shades varies
Forms and shapes carries
Intricate differences
Without jealousy or preferences
Brothers see and understand
Do not take a stand
For egos, ideas, withstand
The pressure
To be sure
To be right
Instead be bright
Shine lights
Enlighten the night
Darkness must be fought
Together, we can be taught
Change and transform
The world conforms
With no questions asked
Is it such a huge task
How possible would it be to ask
To remove the mask
Retrieve and believe
In knowledge we can achieve
Balance, realization
Of our total unison
One voice, one human race
All in, familiar faces
Would you wake up
For a good cleanup
The reason simple
Your energy
Is my synergy
Our interaction
Is an essential action
Necessary for the chemistry
Forming, involving our destiny
Towards a better world
A place where hurled
Are things of the past
Moving forward at last ..

Pat Leclerc

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