Disc “Over” Me

Discover, who

You want me to be 

Who do you want, to see ?

Images of hero’s 

Deeper than marrow

Hurting the soul

Frustrated by this role

Of the magnificent giants 

Made up by false suppliant 



By the media 

Fed by acedia 

Wouldn’t it be easier 

To love by touching, softer 

The hearts 

The arts 

The colors of passions 

The fear of hesitations 

Innocence of relinquish 

Facades and barricades

Trumpets and blockades 

Harmony and symphony 

Of two body

Warming up 

Flaring up 

In the heat of instinctive

Feelings often destructive 

Of souls recovered 

Of passions discovered 

In the rare uniqueness 

In individuality, romanesque 

Dream, awake 

Rest in my wake 



Life without fear 

Murmuring to my ear 

Butterflies carried in the wind 

A soft breeze intertwine 

Of senses 

Without pretense 

Just being 

Just caring 

For love, for us 

The flight of the Albatross

Planning overseas 

Feelings bringing me, to my knees 

Imploring God for visions 

Of a bright future without divisions

Are you sure you don’t wish to see 

Who I was meant to be .. 

The illusion of perfection 

Might just be, a distraction 

Reality is often our deepest prayers 

In plain sight provided simply for lovers 

Accept yourself, to finally, Be free

Ready, to recognize why, I Am me

Delicate, dedicated, amant

Searching for the peace in your eyes 

Finally, finding the truth of who

You are living to Be

Breathing and drumming, next to me ..

Both free

Both in the melody

Of ecstasy

Pat LecLerc

Life “Fruit-Utility” 

I’ve always been aware of joy

Even since I was a boy 

But what I discovered recently 

Is how evil the world can be

Absurd, abnormality

In the name of money 

Systems of corruption 

Over earthly obsessions 

The path of discernment 

Abused without consent 

Life, beauty and rare moments 

Shadowed by glimmers and bad intent 

I thought myself prepared

But really naive and unaware 

Of the appeal of shiny gold 

In the heart of humans, getting old 

Patterns of redemption 

Requiring our attention 



In the mind altercation 

Pure fantasy or alienation 

I am now observing 

My fellows insisting 

On the wrong behaviors 

Of their primal ancestors 

Our consciousness 

Our uniqueness 

Our inter connectivity 

Requiring your positive energy 

To fulfill our ultimate destiny 



Beings of light

Stars so bright 

Capable and kindly 

Beyond love and it’s ability 

To heal 

To kneel 



Embrace our common Unity 

Assuring our survival 

Is now my most precious 

Message of hope for the curious 



Journey toward peace 

Intergalactic consciousness, at least 

The beginning 

Of our loving nature as human, precious, being 

Joining hands 

Forward, to a better end

Fully aware of the rapture 

And His final disclosure ..

Pat LecLerc


Victory has to be 

Over our minds and it’s limitless capability

Controlling our thoughts 

Reality without doubting or casting lots 

But by visions 

Created in elaborate constructions 

Of concentrated energy  

In matter weighted carefully 



There is a space 

A  resilience

A world in silence 

Above science 

Where intuition 

Satisfy our ambition 

There is no boundary 

It’s all the contrary 

The universe as a voice 

Genius and peace makers 


Have come and gone 

Each with their own 

Unique vibrations 

It should be our aim 

To rewrite them together 

Into a symphony made for our victory 

I am the least amongst you 

Yet, I am here to tell, who 

The passionate, the healers 

The simple

The humble 

The powerful 

The eternal 

The skeptical

The believer 

The beautiful and pure  

All of humanity 

Of its ability 

Of the how to play this soft 

Delicate music of energy 

Of peace love and unity 

Pick up your resonance 


Transform and reform 

We have the capability 

Pick up your joy, your compassion 

Your guitars, your passions

Let’s pray this symphony 

Remember to love like honey  

It’s starts with our thoughts 

Our mastery, over our souls not to be bought  

Paradise is not a illusion 

But the only way forward, to glory  

And His impending Victory 

Pat Leclerc 


Greatness, I speak

Inspired indeed 

From above 

Only of love 

What is the question 

Where is our attention

Could we be unaware

Of the reasons 

Really needing 

Us, All to look, interrogative 

Don’t let it be representative

Of a society 

Nobody, seems to worry 

Of what we could be 

In a world, 

A place, where we would be 

More intelligent 

Maybe more diligent

Where everyone could be 

More accomplished, happy 

Our animal instinct 

The basics restrained 

Of our humanity 

Perhaps bestial 

Most times impartial 

To a way 

Indeed we may 

Or will we 

Will you, and me 

Carry society 

Into a new world  

Where peace 

Love, ease 

The suffering 

Of every being 

Animal and primal 

Feelings are present 

In every living, intent 

For their ailing 

Should be applied, inspiring 

To those vital 

Healers and lovers 

What is the question

Our attention 

The answer 

In our prayers 

Affection, respect 

Let’s all protect 

Each other

Ask without regrets

Help, mostly, love ..

.. And live of the above


Pat Leclerc

Unity in ” Democrazy”

What is democracy ?

A treasure to be cherished 

A conquest not to let perish 

A place, we all live in harmony 

The end of divisions, primarily 

A proud unified country 

Where, We the people 

Decide and elect without hurtle 

We rule over the land 

Proudly, command 

Realizing the dream 

Our patriarch laid at our feet 

Dictated and erected 

Planned and prayed 

Justice for all 

Representation without walls 

Protecting dignity 

A immense sense of glory 

Forming the most beautiful 

Nation, people 



Land of plentiful 

Defender of human rights 

Righteousness, where it might 

Prevail, restore 

The honor bestowed 

The epiphany behold 

Our founding fathers 

Their intention rather 

Pure, inclusive 

Of a conclusive 

Conscious, meticulous constitution  

To form a territory, without delusion 

A birth right 

A voice, a gift 

Not to be discarded 

On illusions 

A dignified nation 

Nothing strong could be envision 

With a fight or by division 

Instead a promise

The heart of conquest 

Forgiving, inviting 

Honest and wise 

No fools in disguise 

Govern by the whole 

Population to the poll  



This living dream 

This chance, this opportunity 

Humanity in all, His glory 

Please regain your senses 

Help me accept, protect 

This gift we all share and should respect


Pat Leclerc

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