Disc “Over” Me

Discover, who

You want me to be 

Who do you want, to see ?

Images of hero’s 

Deeper than marrow

Hurting the soul

Frustrated by this role

Of the magnificent giants 

Made up by false suppliant 



By the media 

Fed by acedia 

Wouldn’t it be easier 

To love by touching, softer 

The hearts 

The arts 

The colors of passions 

The fear of hesitations 

Innocence of relinquish 

Facades and barricades

Trumpets and blockades 

Harmony and symphony 

Of two body

Warming up 

Flaring up 

In the heat of instinctive

Feelings often destructive 

Of souls recovered 

Of passions discovered 

In the rare uniqueness 

In individuality, romanesque 

Dream, awake 

Rest in my wake 



Life without fear 

Murmuring to my ear 

Butterflies carried in the wind 

A soft breeze intertwine 

Of senses 

Without pretense 

Just being 

Just caring 

For love, for us 

The flight of the Albatross

Planning overseas 

Feelings bringing me, to my knees 

Imploring God for visions 

Of a bright future without divisions

Are you sure you don’t wish to see 

Who I was meant to be .. 

The illusion of perfection 

Might just be, a distraction 

Reality is often our deepest prayers 

In plain sight provided simply for lovers 

Accept yourself, to finally, Be free

Ready, to recognize why, I Am me

Delicate, dedicated, amant

Searching for the peace in your eyes 

Finally, finding the truth of who

You are living to Be

Breathing and drumming, next to me ..

Both free

Both in the melody

Of ecstasy

Pat LecLerc

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