Disc “Over” Me

Discover, who

You want me to be 

Who do you want, to see ?

Images of hero’s 

Deeper than marrow

Hurting the soul

Frustrated by this role

Of the magnificent giants 

Made up by false suppliant 



By the media 

Fed by acedia 

Wouldn’t it be easier 

To love by touching, softer 

The hearts 

The arts 

The colors of passions 

The fear of hesitations 

Innocence of relinquish 

Facades and barricades

Trumpets and blockades 

Harmony and symphony 

Of two body

Warming up 

Flaring up 

In the heat of instinctive

Feelings often destructive 

Of souls recovered 

Of passions discovered 

In the rare uniqueness 

In individuality, romanesque 

Dream, awake 

Rest in my wake 



Life without fear 

Murmuring to my ear 

Butterflies carried in the wind 

A soft breeze intertwine 

Of senses 

Without pretense 

Just being 

Just caring 

For love, for us 

The flight of the Albatross

Planning overseas 

Feelings bringing me, to my knees 

Imploring God for visions 

Of a bright future without divisions

Are you sure you don’t wish to see 

Who I was meant to be .. 

The illusion of perfection 

Might just be, a distraction 

Reality is often our deepest prayers 

In plain sight provided simply for lovers 

Accept yourself, to finally, Be free

Ready, to recognize why, I Am me

Delicate, dedicated, amant

Searching for the peace in your eyes 

Finally, finding the truth of who

You are living to Be

Breathing and drumming, next to me ..

Both free

Both in the melody

Of ecstasy

Pat LecLerc

Life “Fruit-Utility” 

I’ve always been aware of joy

Even since I was a boy 

But what I discovered recently 

Is how evil the world can be

Absurd, abnormality

In the name of money 

Systems of corruption 

Over earthly obsessions 

The path of discernment 

Abused without consent 

Life, beauty and rare moments 

Shadowed by glimmers and bad intent 

I thought myself prepared

But really naive and unaware 

Of the appeal of shiny gold 

In the heart of humans, getting old 

Patterns of redemption 

Requiring our attention 



In the mind altercation 

Pure fantasy or alienation 

I am now observing 

My fellows insisting 

On the wrong behaviors 

Of their primal ancestors 

Our consciousness 

Our uniqueness 

Our inter connectivity 

Requiring your positive energy 

To fulfill our ultimate destiny 



Beings of light

Stars so bright 

Capable and kindly 

Beyond love and it’s ability 

To heal 

To kneel 



Embrace our common Unity 

Assuring our survival 

Is now my most precious 

Message of hope for the curious 



Journey toward peace 

Intergalactic consciousness, at least 

The beginning 

Of our loving nature as human, precious, being 

Joining hands 

Forward, to a better end

Fully aware of the rapture 

And His final disclosure ..

Pat LecLerc

Tooth in Sincerity

What is the truth ?

The truth is in your roots

In a life happening at this moment 

Conceived of small segments 

Flashes of lights 

Appreciating nature’s right 

Renewing your sense of wonder 

Looking forward to ponder 

What’s the truth 

Do you really need proof 

Or would you prefer 

Living life, like it matters 

Tomorrow’s gone 

The wind has blown 

Old age will set on 

The illusion will proclaim

The dream, the oration 

Of this spoken dimension 

In theory, only fantasy 

Fabulous mountains 

Immense emotional rains 

Like tears of joy 

Carrying messages 

Of fraternity 

Of unity 

Of acceptance 

Of true resonance



Life’s simplicity 

In all its beauty 

Away from commotion 

Bad news and their intentions 

Refresh, de-stress  

Relax take a deep breath 

Admire the plan, it’s ambition 

Nature and His passion 

It’s all there, now 

Waiting for you 

Needing all your attention 

Open your eyes, heart 

In this symphony play your part 

Celebrate, admire the simple truth 

The Universe holds you,

Remembering you’re the smile

 of your youth ..

Pat Leclerc


Victory has to be 

Over our minds and it’s limitless capability

Controlling our thoughts 

Reality without doubting or casting lots 

But by visions 

Created in elaborate constructions 

Of concentrated energy  

In matter weighted carefully 



There is a space 

A  resilience

A world in silence 

Above science 

Where intuition 

Satisfy our ambition 

There is no boundary 

It’s all the contrary 

The universe as a voice 

Genius and peace makers 


Have come and gone 

Each with their own 

Unique vibrations 

It should be our aim 

To rewrite them together 

Into a symphony made for our victory 

I am the least amongst you 

Yet, I am here to tell, who 

The passionate, the healers 

The simple

The humble 

The powerful 

The eternal 

The skeptical

The believer 

The beautiful and pure  

All of humanity 

Of its ability 

Of the how to play this soft 

Delicate music of energy 

Of peace love and unity 

Pick up your resonance 


Transform and reform 

We have the capability 

Pick up your joy, your compassion 

Your guitars, your passions

Let’s pray this symphony 

Remember to love like honey  

It’s starts with our thoughts 

Our mastery, over our souls not to be bought  

Paradise is not a illusion 

But the only way forward, to glory  

And His impending Victory 

Pat Leclerc 

Imagine Compass Ion

Imagine a world where loving 

Is seen as a weakness

Imagine being tired of fighting 

Your hearts filled with kindness 

Open up to the possibilities 

Step out of normalities 

Where hate and prejudice 

Are no longer free in justice 

Imagine a world where saying please 

Is seen as a disease 

Your hearts, aching for peace 

Open up, to the immense 

Strength, accessible to your senses 

Reach up 

Light up 

Imagine not being able to dream 

Flourish, learn and scream 

Saying I love you 

Not met, with thank you 

Images of aging

Without fears of listening 

To children’s future 

Looking at the destructions of nature  

A world of green and colors

Communication without lectures 

Imagine seeing in the dark 

Opening your eyes to embark

In a adventure 

Of feelings soft and pure 

Disbelieve of the relief 

In the caressing breeze

Listening in the murmur 

Of mother nature 

Doubts evaporating 

Conversation of giants everlasting 

Under the canopy of leaves

In the shade of grief

Would they be relieved 

To see our understanding 

In the laws governing 

The Universe 

Multi verses 

Imagine a world where loving

Would come naturally 

Where the weakness of hate 

Would be seen accordingly 

Your hearts filled of happiness 

In this imagined reality 

Dreamed into existence 

Without the rationality of science 

Imagine spirituality 

Without religion’s stupidity 

Whispered of Eternity 

Compassion, love and respect 

Will prevailed eventually 

Just listen 

..And imagine 

Pat Leclerc

Dreamed Reality

 If I offered you peace 

Would you receive it with ease 

Carry on, in the face 

Of all our disgrace 

If I offered you Love 

Could you embrace it

If it came from above 

Support it, elevate it to mountain top 

Scream it, everywhere in every clock

If I offered you faith, for free 

Would you take it, from me 

This reality imagined, lived and dreamed 

Only gets better when trust is esteemed 

Love, to be loved 

Be beautiful, to see beauty 

Choose carefully what enters your mind 

The light in your eyes

Can’t make you blind 

Darkness, could be, your demise 

Money with blasphemy 

Could destroy your divine entity 

Humbleness with empathy 

Could form you, peacefully 

Are we part of the same family ?

Or ego’s and individuality

If I offered you a dream 

Would you wake up to redeem 

This reality and your power 

To shape and perceive this, Our 

Into a brighter enlightened unity 

A better world of human destiny 

There is no need to wait 

No reason, no force, without faith 

Reality, stars and energy 

Are defined, by your conscience purity 

Form and shape your hearts 

Your thoughts with magical art 

It’s there, it was already given 

Their is no need for me to riven

Our bestial instincts 

In our conscience, peace

Hate is very distinct 

Choose wisely 

Love abundantly 

You can be, who ever, you want to be 

Dream your reality 

Open your eyes to see

It’s all here, now, for you and me

I love you, i hope your soul can see.. 

Pat Leclerc

Dear Brothers, Why Do You Fight ?


We are all blood, water and light

The same fabric, particles alike 

Brothers, there’s no need to be right

Life’s gift is in nature 

To be cherished for sure 

Hurt, pains and blood 

Imagine the flower buds 

Pure, beautiful, soft 

An inspiration it must 

Colors, shades varies 

Forms and shapes carries 

Intricate differences 

Without jealousy or preferences 

Brothers see and understand 

Do not take a stand 

For egos, ideas, withstand 

The pressure 

To be sure 

To be right 

Instead be bright 

Shine lights 

Enlighten the night 

Darkness must be fought 

Together, we can be taught 

Change and transform 

The world conforms 

With no questions asked 

Is it such a huge task 

How possible would it be to ask 

To remove the mask 

Retrieve and believe 

In knowledge we can achieve 

Balance, realization 

Of our total unison 

One voice, one human race 

All in, familiar faces 

Would you wake up 

For a good cleanup 

The reason simple 

Your energy 

Is my synergy 

Our interaction 

Is an essential action

Necessary for the chemistry 

Forming, involving our destiny 

Towards a better world

A place where hurled 

Are things of the past 

Moving forward at last ..

Pat Leclerc

Are You Reading, Listening ?

Are you all listening to me 

Or will this simply be pure fantasy 

My mind set 

My heart, hit reset 

I want to share with you 

Je me sens un peu fou 

The story goes their way 

Treachery for treasury 

Fallen of humanity 

There is emptiness after the runway 

Discussion for the needed, precaution 

One will, blessings, total union 

The rain may come 

We will have no where to run 

Open your hearts 

Stop, pushing, pulling each other apart 

The energy is connecting you and me 

The vibration reverberates, aural faculty

With the goal of guiding, warming 

The souls of the brave, trusting 

Faithfully and praiseworthy 

The illusion of this life 

Evaporates and transgresses 

Theses emotions are only 

The opportunity of a life, lived 

The exhilaration of love 

A soft warm kiss, from above 

I am not sure you are listening to me ?

It might just be a vision, an illusion

Of a future clean and pure 

Our minds ripe for dissolution 

Retrained reprogrammed 

Regrets, folly dissipates 

Good intentions 

Good morals 

Will prevail 

Winning entails 

Radical new ways of processing 

Distributing information 

Positive and uplifting 

No more oppression leading to depression 

Bright new rights  

Brand new mentality, taking flight 

Laugh, breathe, water the seed 

The magical flower you are 

Reaching for truth in the sun 

Anchoring, cultural roots without separation   

Changing shapes and colors 

Reach up, be liberated

Lift up your hands to the light 

Imagine, dream, smile often, it’s alright 

It’s part of the magical, mysterious

Wondrous journey of the soul 

Searching for love and mercy from the sun and it’s creator

Pat Leclerc

Rivers of hope

Rivers flow

Never follow 

Soft, rough


Even tough 


Do You know 

Where the river goes 

Deepest thoughts

Drift away 

We ought

To show 



Strong current

Coming our way

Humanity might be 

On life’s preserver 

Divisions and hate 

Is not for me 

Heal with a gentle blow 

Ripples like vibrations

Shimmers intuitions 

Flowing down rivers

Life’s obstacles

Yesterdays, oracles

Tomorrows, miracles

Waterfalls, tears of joy 

Carrying hopes 

Visions of happiness 

Much kindness 

Angels inspiration 

Colors imagination

Of a future 

Bright and pure 

Help one another 

Love is greater 

Nothing else matters

Leading to the ocean 

Hearts of giants



Rain water

Nourishing our conscience 

Proved by science 

Thoughts of stillness 

Immense calmness 

Help one another

Effervescent vapors 

Clouds of grandeur 

Love one another 

Bliss enlighten 

Our world 

Our universe 

Like the river 

Soft gentleness 

Imagine such greatness 

I pray to see 

The day everyone’s happy 

Art, music and poetry

Flowing in unison 

Healing our nations 

Dreams of Eden 

Where rivers 

Meet in the garden 

Paradise is simple you see 

Love and compassion

Naturally .. Flowing into the sea 

Honestly and Free

Pat Leclerc

Relax, Read, Breathe

There is the need, within me 

To write, to tell you, about He 

Beautiful, majestic, humble

Strong, powerful, I stumble

In His wake, I am left in awe 

By his faithfulness, ah 

Deliverance, comfort 

In satisfying the urge 

To share, with you, my soul

The world needs more love 

More, forgiveness 

More, politeness 

Maybe we could just for a instant 

Go back imagining our infants

Sparkling minds awaken to beauty 

Unaware of our folly 

Innocent, pure, with the only goal 

To discover, take a new look 

Reopen the magical book 

Of colors, smells and wonders 

Of persistence in all mothers 

His creation dreamed 

In perpetuation of streams 

Soft rivers of lights  

Majestical swimming universe

Like words in a poetic verse 

Touching, curing, the one’s, crying 

Enveloping, caressing the observing 

Can I tell you, what’s inside of me 

The secret, behooved to me 

He loves you, She lives, in you 

Listen as you read 

Breathe as He pleads 

Slow down, find calm 

Place your hands, in His palm 

Rest, admire the simplicity 

Of all this beauty 

Enjoy and applaud 

Remember to look beyond 

To say thank you 

Simply, appreciate the sun 

Laugh in the rain 

Transform your reality 

To match His glory 

Don’t take life for granted 



This amazing.. magical journey 

Pat Leclerc

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