Is The World Real?

Is This World for real ?

We all live like animals 

Judging, treating,

Each other by the primal 

Envelope, complaining 

Often pretending 

With only the goal of achieving 

The idea of cementing

Our souls with the latest, marketing 

Introduced, appealing 

To those with an empty soul 

Killing of a consciousness 

A mass hypnotic desire 

To steal and acquire

Love, kindness, politeness 

Substituted, by hate and rudeness 

Is this a dream or is this the real world 

Most would prefer 

To feed, the evil egos, the voices 

Deceiving, perturbing, bad choices

In advocate of a discordant 

Mirror of darkness in accordance 

Shallow for those who follow 

Alarming, to whom, enters the narrow 

Path of discernment, lift the blindness 

To the oneness 

The simple-ness 

Of our hearts 

Of their hearts 

If you want, to wake up 

Change, the world, rise up 

Start here in your shoes 

At this moment, accept, create 

A new reality of sincerity 

Of truth in service 

Is this world real 

Transformation can take place 

But without you, here, this case 

Is impossible 

The chain reaction, the wave 

This energy reverberates 

A water drop, circles, and integrates 

All of us, into a gigantic



New world ideology

Of a very different tonality 

Is this world, for real 

Pinch me, tell me, I am dreaming 

Our eyes will eventually open to humanity 

The nightmare, dissipated in its absurdity 

Passions, admirations, love, respect 

Will reveal our true identity 

Of a real honest, evolving society 

I love you, kiss you, embrace you, wake up..

To a wonderful new reality 

Pat Leclerc

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  1. I really love the way you write Patrick!!! Thanks for this beautiful words full of HOPE.


    Mariana S?nchez

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