Are You Reading, Listening ?

Are you all listening to me 

Or will this simply be pure fantasy 

My mind set 

My heart, hit reset 

I want to share with you 

Je me sens un peu fou 

The story goes their way 

Treachery for treasury 

Fallen of humanity 

There is emptiness after the runway 

Discussion for the needed, precaution 

One will, blessings, total union 

The rain may come 

We will have no where to run 

Open your hearts 

Stop, pushing, pulling each other apart 

The energy is connecting you and me 

The vibration reverberates, aural faculty

With the goal of guiding, warming 

The souls of the brave, trusting 

Faithfully and praiseworthy 

The illusion of this life 

Evaporates and transgresses 

Theses emotions are only 

The opportunity of a life, lived 

The exhilaration of love 

A soft warm kiss, from above 

I am not sure you are listening to me ?

It might just be a vision, an illusion

Of a future clean and pure 

Our minds ripe for dissolution 

Retrained reprogrammed 

Regrets, folly dissipates 

Good intentions 

Good morals 

Will prevail 

Winning entails 

Radical new ways of processing 

Distributing information 

Positive and uplifting 

No more oppression leading to depression 

Bright new rights  

Brand new mentality, taking flight 

Laugh, breathe, water the seed 

The magical flower you are 

Reaching for truth in the sun 

Anchoring, cultural roots without separation   

Changing shapes and colors 

Reach up, be liberated

Lift up your hands to the light 

Imagine, dream, smile often, it’s alright 

It’s part of the magical, mysterious

Wondrous journey of the soul 

Searching for love and mercy from the sun and it’s creator

Pat Leclerc

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